National Walk the Plank Championships   Plank Walking Championship in Key West   Plank Walking Championship in Key West

Earn Your Place in History

Join Us for the 8th Annual National Walk the Plank Championships

Join the other victims (uh, contestants) as you vie for glory and the thrill of walking to your watery grave off the plank of the Schooner WOLF. May the Lord have mercy upon your soul.

Though you will definitely be found guilty of whatever charges the Captain deems, you need not fear. The goal here is to win the booty, not join Davy Jones in the briny deep.

This year's championships are slated for Saturday, Dec. 3 at Noon at the Truman Annex Waterfront.

Download the Entry Form.

Following are the judging guidelines for the event:

  1. Costume: How appropriate is the costume to plankwalking. While period attire is appreciated, contestants are encouraged to use their imagination to come up with an ensemble that impresses the judges and perhaps persuades them to be lenient in their scoring in this area.

  2. Style: Points are awarded for how well the individual conducts themselves on their way to their seeming “watery grave.” Criteria covers plank approach, bravado, arrogance, guile, bribery, form on the plank and poise before the plunge.

  3. Plea: Extra points for a marked amount of theater here. Groveling, cries for mercy, pleas of innocence, invocations, curses – all are eligible for Plea Points.

  4. Splash: Finally, the judges want to hear a resounding splash upon entering the water. Sissy splashes are discouraged as are dives warranting an Olympic Medal. Maximum points for belly and butt flops.



    *photos by Tony Callahan, Callahan Digital Art, Mike Cuffin/Barefeet Photography, Anita Mixon, Wendy Wellman, Jan Minutti and Angelina Morgan.