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Piratical Entertainment

Once again, Key West and The Florida Keys will play host to Pirates, Buccaneers, Privateers and other nefarious Brethren of the Coast from around the world. Here is a list of performers appearing at this year's Pirates in Paradise Festival.

Roving Performers

Cascabel, Pirates in Paradise Entertainer   Pirate Cascabel

ARTHUR WHITTAM (aka Cascabel)
Swashbuckling Swordplay, Black Powder Weapons, Storytelling

Black powder weapons master & silversmith Arthur travels the high seas looking for adventure. Bedecked in authentic garb and props, he creates mischief and mayhem wherever he goes with his swashbuckling swordplay and sharp wit...bedazzling one and all with tall tales and sea stories from the magical days of pirates and buccaneers.

David Flemming, Braze   Braze the Pirate

Songs of the Sea and Black Powder Weapons

Black powder weapons master and singing pirate, Braze travels the high seas looking for adventure. Bedecked in authentic garb and props, he creates mischief and mayhem wherever he goes with his swashbuckling swordplay and sharp wit.

Don Maitz, Artist   Artist Don Maitz

Artist & Historical Pirate

Historic pirate and fantasy artist whose work has been exhibited at museums around the country, including the San Diego Maritime Museum and the Key West Museum of Art & History at the Custom House. Showcased in the May 1999 National Geographic, Don gained notoriety when he designed the label for Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and can often be seen at Pirate Festivals around the country with his paints in hand...ready to capture the magic of the Golden Age of Piracy on canvas.

  Red Handed Jill, Pyrates of the Coast   Pyrates of the Coast

The Pyrates of the Coast
Merriment, Mayhem and Music

The Pyrates of the Coast are an entertainment troupe harbored in Vero Beach on the Treasure Coast in sunny Florida. Over the past 20 years The Pyrates have performed far and wide and have been sighted at the Cayman Island's Pirates Week, Mardi Gras, Sail Boston, Roatan, Guanaja, Moorea, Key West and throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Pyrates perform a wide range of music...from traditional folk songs of the 50s and 60s to historic songs of the sea. They also love to perform for children of all ages in interactive stage shows. The crewe includes Hurricane, Cyren, Red Handed Jill, Bootleg, Youngblood, Sir Nigel, Angelina Morgan, Anita Treasure, Sulley and Sloe Gin as well as other flotsam and jetsam that drifts by now and again.

Liberte Sparrow   Entertainer Liberte Sparrow

Liberte Sparrow

Liberte hails from the seven seas, making port wherever her heart delights, be it Port Royal, Tortuga, New Providence or Cayo Hueso. She has been a staple of the Pirates in Paradise festival for many years now, and she always brings smiles to visitors, be it with her own beguiling smile or ever present bottle of rum. She also plays percussion and sings, if swillin' rum weren't talent enough.

Captains of the Devil's Triangle   Captains of the Devil's Triangle

Captains of the Devil's Triangle
Swordfighting, Black Powder

Manned by the likes of Scarlett J, Capt. Wasabi and Pegleg Stitch, this daring gang of cutthroats entertain audiences with their death defying swordplay, extreme characters, diverse talents and blazing guns. The group is known far and wide for its superior performances and dedication to exacting reproduction of what the pirate life was like.


Captain Leatherback & Deadeye
Swordfighting, Black Powder

Join the merry mayhem of these two nefarious and mischevious rogues. Anchored in in Key West, Leatherback and Deadeye will entertain you with their endless hijinks, tall tales and dashing swordplay.

  Red Handed Jill, Pyrates of the Coast   Pyrates of the Coast

Faire Wynds Circus
Magic, Fire, Mentalism and More

We are Faire Wynds Circus, our speciality is early 18th century entertainments. 18th century traveling entertainments to include magic, fire-manipulation, stone-breaking, needle-swallowing, mentalism and more. Between the shows we will be playing the glass harps-known as the 'ghost fiddle' in this time period, and will have our curiosities and natural wonders on display. Special engagement: Sat. Nov. 26 through Wed., Nov. 30 from 10-4.

On Stage

Red Handed Jill, Pyrates of the Coast

Knot For Sail
Nautical Music Through the Ages

For nearly 30 years now Knot For Sail, the official Pyrates of the Coast band, has been entertaining children of all ages throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. Their unique style of music blends the best of the folk area with historical, hysterical and contemporary nautical infused tunes, a mix of music that appeals to children of all ages. Those who have been lucky enough to see them in concert love the intimacy of their performance, as the audience is drawn right into the act. Says one fan, “It’s like watching a bunch of great friends sing around a campfire.” They've been the featured pirate band at Grand Cayman Pirates Week; the Island Roots Cultural Heritage Festival in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco; Mardi Gras Magic in Port Arthur, Texas; Sail Boston and Seattle's Seafair.


Kat Epple

Emmy Award-winning, Peabody Award-winning, and Grammy-nominated composer and flutist, Kat Epple, has performed at the Guggenheim Museums, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The United Nations, and in concerts around the world. Kat Epple composes music for television, including "National Geographic", PBS, CNN, "Nova", and "Guiding Light", and on her 25 albums which include an amazing variety of musical styles, from World Music to jazz. She travels throughout the world, collecting flutes and indigenous musical instruments from other cultures which she features in her original compositions.



Bosun of the Meka II & Folklorist

A true man of the sea, Dutch is the Bosun of the armed brig, Meka II, hailing out of Beaufort, NC. He's been collecting and perfroming songs of the sea and traditional folk music for the last 45 years. He has been around the world as a sailor, including transiting the Panamal Canal and making way to the Marquesas, French Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands.

  Red Handed Jill, Pyrates of the Coast   Pyrates of the Coast

Lizards in Paradise

Both accomplished solo musicians, Reuben and Steve are Lizards in Paradise, an in-demand band out of Daytona Beach that play everything from full-fledged rock and roll to intimate jazz numbers. They will be getting the crowd at Pirates in Paradise in the mood to dance all night long as they rock the house on the Village stage. Even though there are just two in the band, their full-on sound will amaze you as you move to the rhythms of songs you know by heart.

  Red Handed Jill, Pyrates of the Coast   Pyrates of the Coast


KeyRazy™ is from the Florida Keys featuring the talents of Vinnie Marturano, and Jeff Purvis. The blend of congas, steel drums, keyboard, trumpet and guitar give their music a "tropical rock" feel, however many of their songs comprise their own genre. Their warm harmonies, unique sound and over 70 years combined experience ensure every audience a great show.

  Red Handed Jill, Pyrates of the Coast   Pyrates of the Coast

Tim Charron

Tim Charrons' entry into the entertainment field started as a teen in Warwick, R.I., singing, writing and performing in rock bands. His career continued as a pop rock artist in Miami and then to Nashville, Tenn., where he’s now based. Tim spends his time touring the country, hence the moniker: Rock & Roll Gypsy. Charron has opened for country music's 10-time platinum selling artist Clint Black, Shooter Jennings, performed with members of Brooks & Dunn, and on many a stage and festivals from California to Tennessee, Florida to Australia, Costa Rica to Germany.


    Red Handed Jill, Pyrates of the Coast   Pyrates of the Coast

Bocca Musica

The Bocca Show is an international, award winning, musical comedy troupe based out of Michigan. Bocca is known for their spicy sense of humour, combined with original songs, traditional drinking songs, bawdy songs, spoofs and whip tricks.  They are quick with a joke or toast and relish in the laughter of their fans! Bocca has released 9 CDs in their 15-year history along with 4 DVDs.  They have been featured on several national podcasts and were honored by their fans to receive recognition on the Renaissance Festival Podcast Awards in 2006, 2008 and 2010.


Magic of Mr. Bones

"Captain Bones Mysteries from around the World"

Learn the secrets of life! Witness the Chinese Challenge!The mystical Rope
of Istambul, The powerful magic of the "Hatchi Matchi"! All of this shall be revealed.








    *photos by Tony Callahan, Callahan Digital Art, Mike Cuffin/Barefeet Photography, Anita Mixon, Wendy Wellman, Jan Minutti and Angelina Morgan.